Industrial bearings :
All range of products SKF: bearings, stages, sleeves, joints, greases, oils and tools.... etc

Conditional Monitoring : 
Products and equipment of conditional Monitoring,  functional Software dependent to SKF, vibratory Diagnosis...

South Subsidiary : 
Bearing, conditional monitoring and formation for the great south

MEDSERVICES : industrial bearings
and conditional monitoring
with the service of the Algerian Industry

Created in 1994, Medservices Company is since 1997 the official Partner of SKF in Algeria. It is also since 2001, the only distributor approved by SKF for conditional monitoring in Algeria, and, lays out for this purpose a specific department, organized in direct connection with SKF France.

The operational characteristic of Medservices resides in the constant professionalism of its teams made up  Algerian and international expert, and, in its direct integration in the world network of Group SKF.

Medservices does not market only products or equipment under SKF label; it is also in measurement, of close coordination with SKF, to accompany them by an effective council and technical services allowing the assembly, and, if necessary, help the installation of technical and functional solutions adapted, including the formation as well for conditional monitoring for the industrial bearings.

A new stage in the industrial step of MEDSERVICES consisted in going up, in the current of  the year 2005, and, in a constant partnership with SKF-France, a " Southern subsidiary company ", especially charged of a consequent commercial penetration of the Great Algerian South, as much on conditional monitoring that on the industrial bearing.


MEDSERVICES des produits, des solutions, et, des hommes à votre service
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