Condition Monitoring :

In active partnership with SKF, the second main activity of MEDSERVICES

  • Products and equipment of SKF Condition Monitoring : from the simple pencil measuring the vibration levels to the on-line diagnosis and monitoring systems, data collectors  and protection systems.

  • Functional software dependent SKF.

  • Trainings conducted by  Medservices – SKF.
    • Specific vibration diagnosis on revolving machine.
      Vibratory control of new machines or after repair, For companies who do not have qualified personnel or limited budget, MEDSERVICES in partnership with SKF can deal with the installation of: Condition Monitoring programs   (through vibration analysis, criticality analysis of machines), set up a policy of Condition Monitoring (by monitoring and following up vibrations of the machines) with its own material and its own engineers.

    • Mechanical services : supervision of bearing installation, lubrication analysis, alignment of  shafts and of sand banks, etc.

      At SKF France (registration possible using the SKF training program catalogue with the standard programs of Catalogue SKF


On site  (in partnership between MEDSERVICES and SKF, different programs adapted to the specific needs of the customer) Sessions are animated by local and/or foreign experts in diagnosis and vibration analysis and  in management of maintenance analyzes thus.

REMARK : Our national personnel is programmed annually for specialized cycles of commercial and/or technical improvement near our Partner SKF France.

The current customers of Medservices are the Sector of Energy: SONATRACH, Associations SONATRACH (Sonatrach-Anadarko, Sonatrach-Agip, Sonatrach-Ourhoud, Sonatrach-Amiradahess), the Center of Improvement  CPE SONATRACH as well as the SONELGAZ, but MEDSERVICES works also other private and national industries.

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